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Can Leman

Can Leman was born in Duisburg, Germany. At a young age, he developed an interest and talent for music. In his first four years, he used cups and pots as drums, sang songs, and danced to different types of music.
His interest and passion in music grew significantly over the years so that his parents decided to send him to music school.

He began his musical education in Germany where he started his musical training by learning to play rhythm instruments and then continued to learn other instruments. Today, he can play various instruments like the piano, drums, saz and the guitar.
The young musician who was not satisfied with the instrument alone sought to improve himself. He continued his career in dance, composing and composition branches, revealing his productive side.

Alongside his musical education, he also began to focus on areas like Hip Hop dance, composition, and songwriting. He wrote his first song in summer 1997, inspired by a novel written by an famous Turkish author.
Since then, he has broadened his songwriting skills in various projects and has written songs in English, German and Turkish.

Can Leman is currently producing his first Turkish R’n’B album which is planned to be released in summer 2018. This project he will put into practice with Mazlum Cimen, Cimen’s Yapım and Doğan Music Company.